Opal Cliffs School

(administered by Santa Cruz Gardens Elementary School)

4510 Jade St.
Capitola, CA 95010
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Staff List
Dr. Jessica Kiernan - Principal


The California Kindergarten Readiness Act of 2010 offers children not yet 5 years old when Kindergarten begins, whose birthdays fall between September and December, a preparation year ("Transitional Kindergarten") using a developmentally appropriate curriculum designed to prepare them for a successful Kindergarten and school experience. 

Soquel Union Elementary School District has created an educational environment at Opal Cliffs School that enhances the Capitola Community in providing an outstanding learning environment for children of preschool age through transitional kindergarten. Campus Kids Connection operates the child care and preschool program, and Santa Cruz Gardens Elementary oversees the two-classroom TK program. Soquel School District's transitional kindergarten students are given a wonderful opportunity to learn in a nurturing and age-appropriate environment. Our transitional kinders are prepared for a regular kindergarten program through transitional kindergarten activities and academic programs. 

Opal Cliffs School was designed by Weston Miles Architects and constructed by Pencon Construction in 2012 to provide the most up-to-date approach for school design. Operable solar-efficient windows provide natural light and views to the site as well as natural ventilation. The building was constructed using Insulated Concrete Walls (ICF). ICF walls are used for strength, durability, energy efficiency, acoustical attenuation, and safety. 

An added unique design of Opal Cliffs School is that this site uses rain gardens to collect storm water run-off for percolation into the aquifers, native plants, low flow and drip irrigation, and trees that shade the site during the summer and allow the sun in during the winter. A garden area is allocated for students to grow their own vegetables and the play areas are designed to encourage creative play. 

For more information on the transitional kindergarten program at Opal Cliffs School, please contact Linda Jacobs at the District Office at (831) 464-5639. 

For information on the preschool and child care program at Opal Cliffs School, please call Campus Kids Connection at (831) 462-9822.

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