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Poetry Trail Grand Opening

Ms. Provancha's 2nd-grade class has worked hard over the past few months studying various types of poetry (such as Rhyme Scheme, Acrostic, Haiku, and Anaphora) and developing a poetry trail that will be scattered throughout the garden in front of the school. This project-based learning unit focused on collaboration, research, revision, presentation, and sharing deep emotions through words. The six pieces of poetry encompass the following themes: our community, emotions, learning, growing, friendship, and the SCG Way. On each publication, you will find a QR code at the bottom. If you scan the code, you will hear a recording of the authors reading their work. On February 21st, the poetry trail opened to our school and community. Marked with colorful balloons, all classrooms were invited to come read and write (on a flashcard) their valuable compliments, constructive feedback, and their own experiences that connect to each poem. This poetry trail is designed to feature incredible writers from across the school. Therefore, every class will be invited and encouraged to publish their own poetry, each month and for years to come.


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