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Pollinator Peace Garden

Classroom teachers Monica Einaudi and Sally Walker, alongside Living Classroom teacher Jade Giotta, are planning a native pollinator garden outside the 30s wing of Santa Cruz Gardens. They are reclaiming 11 planter box spaces which are currently occupied by overgrown, woody, older plants. With the help of the district and volunteers, older plants will be removed or pruned back, and additional soil will be added. Wooden boxes will be painted in bright attractive colors. Students will select plants that attract butterflies for one end, and bees or hummingbirds for the other. They will start seedlings during their Living Classroom time, and other plants will be purchased. This spring, the plants will go into the primed boxes and signs will go up. The long term plan is to create a calm, attractive, colorful area which the students will enjoy and care for in years to come.


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