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SCG Garden Workdays Kickoff

Volunteers gather to share thanks for the great work accomplished.

October 1st marked the first school-wide Garden Workday at SCG. Families, students, and staff gathered in the fall morning sun to add many hands to create light(er) work around The Gardens.

“Having so many gardens around campus does necessitate different levels of maintenance to support them, so we are thrilled to have a supportive community— it makes this work not only easy to accomplish, but a true community-builder at the same time!” beamed Ms. Jade, the organizer of the event.

For this Fall Workday, the focus was the maintenance of three discrete garden spaces: The front SAGE Garden (designed and installed by Mr. Boyce’s 5th graders as their legacy project), the Pollinator Peace Garden (PPG) established by first grade teachers Ms. Walker and Ms. Monica last year, and the flagship garden, The Living Classroom, where classes are held weekly for all students.

After assembling the parent-donated garden arbors for the Day of the Dead garden beds,

Principal Albano watches as students spearhead their installment.

With so many gardens to juggle, the work was divided and led by Team Leads: longtime supportive parent Thien headed up the popular SAGE Garden by facilitating volunteers in weeding, cutting back perennials and amending plants. Ms. Walker led volunteers in the PPG where old annuals were replaced with newer perennial pollinator plants, and Ms. Jade was found coordinating Leads and supporting engagement with students such as harvesting fava beans, seed saving, gastropod collecting, and watering.

With supportive staff members Ms. Marsh, Ms. Riedel, Mr. Martin and Principal Albano all in attendance to support teams, the workday was a true success. (Four other teachers were unable to attend the event given it coincided with the kickoff of the Teacher Leader Institute, held through the COE: a leadership program supporting teachers in enhancing environmental sustainability in their schools.)

With mouthfuls of free donuts, background music playing and good vibes all around, the Science and Garden Emphasis (SAGE) of SCG was felt far and wide. Keep an eye out for a Winter Garden Workday— rumor has it a new addition may happen this year, added to the typically bi-yearly event!

Pruning salvia requires great focus!


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