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Dia De Los Muertos in The Living Classroom

An Idea from the Ground Up: Garden Beds in The Living Classroom are Transformed to support SCG’s celebration of Life

Fifth grade planting and watering the new Dia de Lost Muertos marigold flowers in pairs

Recently at SCG, ELD teachers Ms. Bonar and Ms. Yee approached Ms. Jade about a novel idea for Santa Cruz Gardens. They were wanting to reawaken our community’s honoring of Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) at SCG, a tradition which has fallen wayside since distance learning. These teachers were envisioning creating a month-long ofrenda (altar) in the MU for the whole school to honor loved ones who have passed away, in a celebration of life. They needed flowers for the ofrenda, and sure enough, The Living Classroom garden is right outside their front door.

They decided to ask Ms. Jade if she could grow some maravillas or marigolds, the bright flower traditionally associated with this special Mexican holiday for the ofrenda. Ms Jade was thrilled and went right to work with her classes. The following week, every SCG student from TK-5th planted gold, red, orange and yellow marigolds in pairs in The Living Classroom. With the recent generous donation of two new metal arbors from a parent, the Dia de Los Muertos garden beds are now spanning three garden beds as a centerpiece of this garden! Students are observing their plants, tracking bud and flower growth and will eventually harvest flower heads in late October to be individually walked over and added to the community ofrenda.

Taking turns preparing roots, digging holes and tucking our flowers into their new homes!

Finally, these garden beds and school ofrenda will be decorated with garden art honoring Dia de Los Muertos in collaboration with SCG’s new passionate art teacher, Winona Heyer who was eager to involve her art lessons.

With collaboration from many, Ms. Bonar and Ms. Yee’s vision is truly blooming!

You can visit the Dia de Los Muertos garden beds in The Living Classroom garden before and after school. The garden beds and the ofrenda both can be viewed at the Fall Festival on Saturday October 21st from 12-3pm.


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