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First SAGE Program Assembly of the School Year

Students gathered for our first monthly SAGE assembly in the amphitheater.

Last Friday in the SCG amphitheater, our learning community gathered for the first SAGE assembly of the school year. With the guidance of Ms. Jade, students introduced the food sorting and data collection program “Garbology” to our school. On stage, students modeled how to properly sort food waste using the specific bins provided at each lunch at school. In addition to sorting recycling and food waste, our school is excited to announce students are now provided with compostable cutlery for school lunches. Our students will now be able to dramatically reduce their food waste that goes to the landfill because of the support by our Child Nutrition Services Advisor, Amanda Timar. Consider reinforcing this food waste sorting behavior during meal time at home.

With the help of students, Ms. Jade modeling how to sort food waste with our Garbology program at school.

Seasonal Food of the Month

During our SAGE assembly, our students were also introduced to the first “Seasonal Food of the Month.” The Living Classroom and our district lunch menu is excited to announce a new collaboration that will highlight an in-season fruit or vegetable that will be studied in the TLC garden and also available with that month’s corresponding school lunches on campus. APPLES! Through a presentation by guest chef and SCG parent, P.J. Watkins, students learned how delicious and versatile apples can be in school lunches and home-prepared meals. Consider reinforcing this seasonal food of the month by visiting a local apple orchard in the county or baking something delicious as a family to promote healthy meals.

Professional Chef and SCG parent P.J. Watkins, discusses the tasty and versatile apple with SCG students

SAGE themed assemblies will take place twice a month on Fridays and will be centered around the Cross Cutting Concepts within the Next Generation Science Standards. SCG is now a spearhead for the district with their “Food of the Month” and compostable cutlery in the cafeteria. Next month’s tasty food will be root vegetables!


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