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GT Takes the Stage at SCG’s final SAGE Assembly

Last Friday SCG celebrated our yearly SAGE accomplishments at the final SAGE-focused assembly of the school year. Many SAGE projects were highlighted including the star focus of the show– SCG’s Green Teams! Our SCG Green Teams have included 4th and 5th upper grades engaging in Garbology Data collection during lunchtime, which included weighing our daily food waste and tracking cafeteria lunch entrees. Green Team Jr. in the lower grades participated weekly in planting, trash pick-up, and animal stewardship. Our youngest team– Kindergarten/TK Green Team– facilitated food sorting and trash pick-up. Truly, all of SCG’s Green Teams across grades have played a positive pivotal role in impacting onsite environmental stewardship. 

All students who have been on Green Team at any point this year were called to the stage on Friday –more than a quarter of the school–to be honored and applauded. Many GT students donned their hard earned GT t-shirts, designed by the local artist and outdoor educator, Michael “Creature” Lane. With smiles abound and shirts matching the part, the celebration felt infections; many bright-eyed students reported being excited to join SCG’s popular Green Teams next year! 


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