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Reducing Water Consumption in the SAGE Garden

Through a Project Based Learning model (PBL), the 4th and 5th grade students in Mr. Boyce’s class have been working hard to reduce the amount of water used to irrigate the 4,000sq.ft. multi-zonal outdoor learning garden at the front of our school with an automatic drip system. This drip system is the latest in student-led PBL projects in the SAGE garden.

Home to nearly 100 plants, many of which started as small propagated plants in 2022, the SAGE Garden is a space for students to build a deeper connection with nature by learning individual plant water needs. Students compiled background research on different ways to water gardens. They then designed, budgeted, and installed their custom drip irrigation system so that it supported the needs of each plant in each garden zone based on their watering needs. This PBL project is yet another example of how students in the SAGE Program at SCG are solving real world problems that exist in their lives. This drip system not only created a great learning moment for these students, it also stands as an ongoing teachable moment for every student who will curiously enter the garden for years to come. Congratulations to the 4th/5th graders who took on this challenge. Thank you for helping our school continue to grow and thrive.


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